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Swifturtle Solutions offers unique solutions to even the most complex design problems from every detail, from concept to completion. We continually push the boundaries of online creations by using the most advanced tools and design techniques available. We can offer a facelift to your image to the world. Be it GUIs for a software or your corporate website, if you feel a new look is necessary, we are just the people to assign the makeover!


We have created CDs containing training, sales and marketing presentations, and product catalogues. We have our own in-house Video and Audio facility we are able to provide top quality audio and video. Over the years we have taken that experience and combined it with our knowledge of the Internet and CD-ROM based presentations. We provide our clients with everything from on-site and studio video shoots to editing, effects and processing into digital format for use in any type of projects.


eLearning is emerging as a new trend and cost effective solution for keeping your executives / representatives updated on products & related information. Internet being the cheapest mode of communication this solution can offer cost effective training eliminating the barrier of geography. The ultimate goal of eLearning, , is to "...bring learning to people instead of bringing people to learning."

Swifturtle provides effective, manageable, integrated, and extensible web-based learning solutions. We develop custom packages to suit your company's unique requirements. We design easy-to-use, flexible solutions which help you train your executives and know their strengths & weaknesses.

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