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Backend Fulfillment
  • Business Reply Card/Envelope, Internet Electronic Reply, and Telemarketing Request Processing
    • Data Entry
    • Compilation – including DOB, interest, and email capture for ongoing CRM efforts
    • Response Metrics and Reporting

  • Fulfillment and Shipping of Prospect Reply Requests including:
    • Personalized Letters – customizable for targeted segments depending on response provided
    • Brochures and Related Literature
Technical Support

Live Chat support

Our specially trained service professionals present a transparent interface to your Consumers delivering an uninterrupted 24x7 access to real time customer service help and support right on your website. Their one on one interaction with your website visitors instills confidence in indecisive first-time customers and bolsters the trust of your old customers by showing them that a quality help is just a click away, any hour of the day, any day of the week. With us you can retain those thousands of customers who abandon your site due to unavailability of help.

Email Support

Replying to E-mails can eat into your precious time, which can be better utilized to focus on your core business activities with strategic importance. Now livesalesman.com can also follow up your e-mails and customer queries on your behalf. This service ensures that your customers are replied to promptly. Our highly skilled personnel keep the response times as LOW as one hour to meet the commitments you've made to your customers. By offering timely, consistent and expedient responsive support, you will improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and online sales. Our e-mail support service can be used for sales and customer support in addition to technical support. Our email support, just like our other offerings is functional 24/7.

Data Management and Analytic Services

Data Entry from Scanned Images
We can capture data from scanned images into any format like excel, access or text files.

Forms Processing
Data can be entered from paper forms or scanned images of these forms. This data can be further processed to create reports or summaries as per clients needs. We can also store and manage historical data from which reports can be delivered.

Updation and Maintenance of Data on websites
Data can be updated on a regular basis on websites. This could be item lists, price lists, customer order forms, feedback forms, mail responses, etc.

Data Collection from Internet
Data can be collected from the Net, based on the specifications provided by the customer. This can be articles from websites on a given topic, information on products sold and prices charged by competitors etc. Data can also be collected from popular auction sites like e-bay.

Data Storage and Management
We can create applications to store and manage large volumes of data in Access or SQL based systems. The data can be kept updated regularly by our data entry staff. The applications can be installed on shared servers on the internet from where you can access your data anytime. We can generate customized reports from the data.

Analytical Reports
Analytic reports can be prepared from data collected through forms or internet or from raw data provided by the client. Reports can be generated in the form of summaries, graphs, charts along with descriptive notes. We can do this for marketing and sales data, financial data, inventory or any other type of data.

Geographical Representation of Data
We can represent data geographically on maps. e.g Areawise Sales, Citywise Population, Zipcodewise Customers etc. The client just needs to provide the input data to us and we will do the rest. These maps can be integrated with other Analytical Reports.

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